A sweep who works with offal and blood in a slaughterhouse is at Mecca and is heard apparently asking Allah to make a woman have an affair with him. He is taken to the Emir, who is about to have him hanged when the sweep asks to be allowed to tell his story.

A noble woman took him to her house, gave him money, and they shared her bed. For seven days he was repeatedly called to her home to continue the affair, but on the eighth he was told to hide in a closet. The lady's husband appeared, apologized to her, and they made love. The lady later explained to the sweep that her husband had been unfaithful, and as revenge she had had an affair with the sweep, the most disgusting man she could find. If her husband is ever unfaithful again, she'll take the sweep back.

After hearing the story, the Emir pardons the sweep and sets him free.