The second Kalandar, a learned prince, goes to visit another court but is attacked. He arrives in a city, where he meets a beautiful lady, the daughter of King Ifitamus, and she has been held prisoner by an Ifrit named Jarjaris (or Jirjis bin Rajmus), a cousin of Iblis, for the past twenty-five years. The Kalandar and the lady stay together, but when the Ifrit comes he hides. The Ifrit tracks him down and tortures the lady until she confesses to their affair. In punishment, he cuts off her hands, feet and head and turns the Kalandar into an ape.

The Kalandar escapes to another kingdom, where he manages to become Wazir. The king's daughter Sitt al-Husn, however, realizes that he is a man under an enchantment. She summons Jarjaris and they have a battle of transformations. The princess wins and kills him, but turns to ashes in the process. Years later, the dying King tells the Kalandar to flee, because he brought bad fortune to the royal family. The Kalandar leaves, shaves himself and goes into the city, where he encounters the first Kalandar.

The lady says he is free to go, but he chooses to stay and hear the Third Kalandar's tale.

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