This story is told within The Fisherman and the Jinni.

A prince marries his cousin, but one night overhears the gossip of two slave-girls and learns that she's committing adultery with a black slave. He attacks the slave and leaves him for dead, but his wife rescues him and tends to him for three years. Confronting her, the prince is ready to kill her, but she puts a spell on him, making him half stone and half man. She also put a spell on their city, turning the four islands into four mountains, the city into a lake, and the citizens of the four faiths into fishes - Muslims into white fish, Christians blue, Zoroastrians red, and Jews yellow. Every day, she returns to punish the prince, whipping him and covering him in hair-cloth.

Alternate Titles Edit

  • The Story of the Young King of the Black Isles