At the tomb of Hatim of the tribe of Tayy, two stone statues are placed and people can hear weeping there every night. Emir Zu ‘l-Kura’a, king of Himyar, hears of this while travelling by and jokes that his group is Hatim's guests and that they are going hungry. That night, he wakes in terror and his companions find his she-camel struck down. They eat the camel. He explains that he had a dream that the she-camel was killed by Hatim.

They travel onwards and meet Hatim's son Adi; Hatim sent his son a dream of these events. Adi gives Zu ‘l-Kura’a a new camel and all praise Hatim's generosity.

Trivia Edit

  • Hatim al-Tai was an Arab poet famed for his generosity. He died in 578.